Good solid knowledge of design principles can mean the difference in your organization being taken seriously or seen as a fly by night scheme. Image is everything.

The graphic design process is crucial to any business, making it stand out head and shoulders from the competition. Lambda Supplies works with a highly skilled group of designers. We understand design and are skilled in all the major design software programs such as Adobe Creative Cloud and more! This enables us to successfully create different digital and print media. Whether you are looking to communicate that your organization or product is hardworking, modern or brand new, let us help you communicate what you want to say about your company!

Lambda Supllies can also establish a dominating web presence for your company. We will provide your company with full-service web and internet design, development, and management


Our Social Media Marketing Services help your business grow brand awareness, relationships, and website traffic.

Develop Brand Awareness (Followers): Growing your followers on social media will help you increase word of mouth and referrals. Our social media marketing services will help you increase your followers with relevant people. We will ensure that your followers match the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your typical customers.

Build Relationships (Engagement): When you build a personal connection through engagement with your audience, they are more likely to buy from you. We will help you increase engagement (likes, comments, etc.) on your social media posts. The more engagement you have, the stronger your connection is with your audience.

Increasing Website Exposure (Traffic): Increasing your website traffic will directly influence leads and sales. Our designers will focus on developing social media advertising campaigns that drive high volumes of traffic to your website. To increase conversions, we can add-on retargeting ads to stay in front of recent website visitors.


As a full service printing company, Lambda Supplies can handle any printing task, as well as bindery, trade show displays, and variable data printing. This just scratches the surface. Our printing expertise covers all types and sizes of projects.

At Lambda Supplies, you’ll find the perfect blend of cutting-edge-technology and old-school standards, plus experienced team members ready to assist you from start to completion of your project. Our dedication to the craft of printing has extended over decades of industry expansion and changes. If you are looking for a printing solution, come to the experts at Richmond Printing!

We are happy to personally deliver local projects once they are completed. Other delivery options include pick up or blind shipping. We offer a flexibility that works with your schedule and your needs. Contact us today to get started!


High-quality photography is critical in capturing and engaging the attention of your online audience. Professionally shot, recent photos of your team and location help you build trust online. A library of high-resolution images including event photography, lifestyle photography and corporate photography empowers both your digital marketing strategy and your website’s visual storytelling. Of course, you probably already know that top-quality product photography is a big factor in boosting ecommerce conversions (making shoppers 3x more likely to purchase). But did you know that your tweets will get 155% more retweets (and 55% more leads) more with relevant imagery? It’s true.

So what are you doing with those mediocre stock photos?

Vibrant photos help people remember you and what you do. It’s been shown that people who hear information are only likely to remember 10% of that info 3 days later — compared to remembering 65% of the info 3 days later when shown with a relevant image.


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